The Tracy Anderson 30-day method: Days 2-3

So, who knew this whole healthy eating and exercising could be so damn difficult?  It’s as if you’re some kind of junkie and the sugary fatty foods are your idea of a fix – or is that just me?   Day two for me was Sunday which meant Roast Day.  There was roast Lamb and Beef haunting me  but the worst was the roast potatoes….the devilish, greasy oily, salty roast potatoes sitting on the bench in the pub kitchen.  And ok, maybe I slipped up once…fine, fine twice but it wasn’t my fault really, it was the potatoes.  They were whispering sweet nothings to me…they were seducing me.  So, I caved.  The thing is once I had one or two I discovered I didn’t really want them after all, they really weren’t that satisfying.  Oh the horror. 

So here’s a round up of what I ate on day two: (minus the slippery, devil potatoes)

Breakfast:  Apple with peanut butter – this is my new addiction – hey they do say you should swap one addiction for another.

Lunch:  Roasted vegetables ( the Tracy approved vegetables – not a potato in sight) 

Snack:  Some more apple with peanut butter.

Day Three:

Breakfast was yup you guessed it Apple with peanut butter – I will mix it up and try something else – I promise.

Lunch consisted of Avocado Salad with peppers and cherry tomatoes – I omitted the lime juice as I just plain don’t like it.

Snack:  Was apple with peanut butter – is it getting old yet????

Exercise for Day Two was 20 minutes of the Mat DVD consisting of the standing arms (aren’t they just a killer), the standing legs which I couldn’t make it all the way through.  I was a very bad girl and skipped the cardio.

Day three’s exercise was The Mat DVD with the standing arms, standing legs (which I still couldn’t make it through) and abs on the mat, I then did about twenty minutes of the dance cardio.  YAY!

How I feel:  I actually feel less sluggish and kind of refreshed.  Before embarking on this adventure I found that I needed to have a nap in the afternoons but now I have more energy and seem to be slightly less cranky which is always a plus….


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