Tracy Anderson 30-day method Day 4

Day 4:  Not going quite so badly – I confess I had a bit of a bumpy start but today was not so bad.  It was my day off and I am proud to say not one little chip passed my lips.  Wouldn’t Tracy be proud???  Breakfast was again Apple but without the peanut butter as I’d run out and let me tell you without the peanutty goodness it wasn’t nearly as exciting.   Lunch was Portobello Mushroom and I added a capsicum (pepper) to it just to be really risky.  Delicious.    I also went to the health food store and purchased organic, unsweetened peanut butter and milled organic flaxseed for the sweet potato silverdollar pancakes.

I decided to pamper myself a little bit today because I was so proud of myself.  Now for me a ‘treat’ would usually be some kind of delicious chocolatey goodness but because I’m trying to makeover my health and fitness I treated myself in a different way.  I toddled to my nearest House of Fraser, found the Bobbi Brown counter and coaxed the sales lady into helping me: I walked out with blusher, concealer and a blue gel eye liner and feeling pretty damn good about myself.  And the best part is none of it will go straight to my hips.


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