Tracy Anderson 30-day method: Day 5

Yesterday was day five and here’s what I learnt:  food is not comfort, it is not a friend nor is it an enemy.  At it’s core food is designed to keep us healthy, to provide energy and at the same time to be enjoyed.  We, as women have a love/hate relationship with food – we analyse every little thing we put into our mouths and then feel guilty if we’ve indulged and then we are constantly picking at ourselves we are more likely to tell a friend 5 things we perceive to be wrong with our bodies than we are to say 5 things we like.  Whereas men eat what they like with no guilt factor, do some exercise and off they go.  So, today’s post I’m going to do something which is insanely difficult and list 5 things which I like about my body:

1) I love the colour of my eyes, they are this strange mix between my mother’s hazel and my father’s blue.

2) My figure, while not perfect is an hourglass, I have a nice little waist even if the rest is too big.

3) My breasts.  Not too big.  Not too small.

4) My lips.  I have no need to use lip plumping products.

5) My pale, pale, ivory skin, I used to hate being so pale but now I’ve embraced it and find it suits me much more than fake tan.

The sad thing is that small tiny list of things took me ten whole minutes to compile.

Now on to the 30-day method: 

What I ate:  Breakfast was my favourite apple with peanut butter, Lunch was then salmon and since I didn’t have any broccoli I substituted it for spinach which is really great for iron.  My little nibbly snack was some more apple with peanut butter.  YUM  I think I’m addicted.  But what a great addiction to have.

Exercise:  Because variety is the spice of life and I have tend to get bored easily, I mixed it up a little and for the dance cardio I did the first combination which is on the DVD that came with the book.  I am the most uncordinated person and I still managed to jump my whole way through it.  Then I moved onto the arm section of the Mat work DVD followed by the Hamptons Beach webisode which can be found here:  I think I’m becoming addicted to the exercise because I actually look forward to doing the workouts – something I’ve never experienced before and a little happy:  one of my best friends in the world hugged me and said I felt more toned which made my whole day 🙂


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