The Tracy Anderson 30-Day Method – days 6 and 7

These last two days have been a bit of a struggle.  PMS reared its ugly little head and Aunt Flow came to town.  Whenever it’s that time of month for me I always feel like I need two things: Chocolate and red meat.  Now I don’t generally eat a lot of red meat but that’s what I always, always, always crave.

So, after weaning myself off chips, crisps, the heavenly roast potatoes and settling for healthy options and the angelic apple with peanut butter I noticed my skin has broken out slightly.  But I am enjoying what I’ve been eatting.  Day 6 I had a bowl of califlower for lunch and then today I’ve just finished munching on a grilled portobello mushroom.  For the portobello mushroom I switched the rocket for baby spinach leaves for a hit of iron and also added a grilled red pepper (capsicum) for a bit of colour and taste.

Exercise:  Day 6 I did Tracy’s Hampton Beach webisode but with the cramping didn’t feel I could get through all of the cardio.  Day 7 I jumped through all of the first cardio sequence, attempted the New Years webisode and did I standing arms, and abs on the mat portions.

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