When did rape become the victim’s fault

While a 200 strong crowd celebrated the resignation of Egypt’s President of 30 years, journalist Lara Logan was brutally raped. She was stripped, beaten with poles and pinched so hard it looked like she’d been bitten.

Are you shocked? I was. The backlash in the media aimed at Lara Logan shocked me more. She was the victim. That’s right she was the victim and people in high powered positions were saying she brought it on herself because she is a war journalist, female and – gasp – good looking. How dare she?

Twitter alone has had many a version of a ‘well, she chose to go there’ post implying it was her fault because a war zone is no place for a woman and this is what happens to you if you happen to be a young good looking woman.

Conservative blogger Debbie Schlussel practically gushed at the news. Schlussel stated Logan’s attack ‘Kind of warmed her heart’, and wrote; ‘So sad, too bad, Lara. No one told her to go there. She knew the risks. And she should have known what Islam is about.’

So much for solidarity, so much for the sisterhood. What happened to compassion? Surely, no matter what country a person is in rape is still rape. This comes at a time when we are supposedly liberated and equal.

The reality is Lara Logan could have just as easily been raped in her own newsroom, on the walk home, or even in her own home. Had this had happened, had she been raped on her home turf would there still be the lack of sympathy, the lack of compassion?

Rape by its very definition is forced, unwanted sexual intercourse. The key word here: forced. Unwanted. Lara Logan was a victim and still is a victim. No one deserves the trauma of rape – for any reason, least of all for being female and beautiful. The fact is Lara Logan was doing her job, she got up in the morning and went to work. Just like hundreds and thousands of others do every day, only difference is her day went horribly wrong.

Stop blaming the victim it’s old, it’s insensitive and a huge step backward for womanhood and our liberated, western culture. Actually, it’s about five steps backward.


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