Food, glorious, food

I love food.  I mean I really, really love food.  Food is not just for well-being or to keep me alive.  It’s a moment of joy.  It’s a love of mine but at the same time it’s my worst enemy.  Food has always been associated with emotions – for me at least.  Birthdays equal cake.  If I was good for mum as I meandered behind her at the supermarket, the end result would be a chocolate bar as a reward.  Movies were always accompanied with popcorn or chips and a fizzy drink.  When I was happy, I’d eat, when I was sad, I’d eat.  I’d eat when I needed comfort.

But the thing I love more than eating is the cooking or rather baking.  I love baking.  Cooking doesn’t come quite as naturally but it’s still something I enjoy.  It’s not that I can’t cook.  And people tend to assume I can’t but I can.  I’m not one of those people who can take ingredients and pluck a meal out of thin air.  But give me a recipe and I can whip it up no problem.  In fact I love finding new recipes, I love thumbing through  cookbooks.  So, the food section is going to be devoted to recipes I’ve found and have road-tested or hope to try as well as my random ramblings on food, glorious, food.


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