Exercise, how I loathe thee…

I’ve never been the biggest fan of physical exercise – the amounts of time I used the ‘but I’ve got girl problems’ excuse to get out of gym class could fill up a book.  It wasn’t that I was lazy – it was that I was so bad at just about every team sport that I was just embarrassed.  I lack hand-eye coordination.  Hell, I just lack coordination.  Also, I’m kind of a clutz.  Just plain clumsy.  When I was about six my mother (who by the way wanted a little princess but got somewhat of a tomboy) took me to see a ballet class to see if I’d prefer to take ballet or go to Brownies.  I sat for the whole hour with my jaw on the floor.  I couldn’t do any of that.  I couldn’t point my toes like that and raise my leg up to meet my ear.  No way, no how.  Needless to say, I went to Brownies.

But now that I’m on a path of self-improvement which requires some kind of physical health, I sometimes wish I’d done a dance class perhaps they could have drummed the coordination into me.

So, out comes Tracy Anderson’s Dance Cardio Workout DVD.  The warmup is easy.  This gives me hope.  Combination 1, I just failed at.  Combination 2 I sort of got until it got sped up and I lost all the steps.  Combination 3 I didn’t even try….and then I got to Combination 4 and I could actually do it.  So, I just keep rewinding it so that I could just keep going.  But there’s no way I could do a whole hour but tiny, tiny steps…..

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