Review: The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

Lennie walker can’t stop thinking about her sister’s boyfriend.  She can’t stop kissing her sister’s boyfriend.   Why?  Because he makes her feel closer to her sister, Bailey.  Bailey died unexpectedly.  She just…died.  One minute she was an aspiring actress, the next she stopped breathing.  For most of her life Lennie had been Bailey’s shadow.  And now Bailey was gone and Toby was the only one who seemed to understand Lennie’s pain.

Then there’s Joe, who turns up in her band practice, all wide smiles and sophisticated French charm.  Lennie can’t deny her attracti

on to Joe and he seems to take her out of her sorrow and for a few moments makes her forget about her dead sister.  Which in turn makes Lennie feel guilty for not constantly being submerged int her grief.

The Sky is Everywhere really struck a chord and resonated with me.  Anyone who has ever lost someone close to them will understand Lennie’s pain, her confusion of how she was supposed to survive without her precious sister, her guilt for enjoying her life even without Bailey in it and her frustration with how quickly the rest of the world manage to move on and lastly her need to cling onto Toby, Bailey’s boyfriend who is flailing in life as much as she is.


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