Alice: A fifteen year old’s bucket list….

Today, while I reading a favourite blog of mine: I stumbled upon an incredibly sad, heart string pulling blog by a fifteen year old girl who is dying of cancer. Alice’s blog is basically her bucket list. The things she wishes to do and see before she dies. Her wishes are simply beautiful and some of the things we take for granted for instance she simply wants to have her hair done. Other wishes are to go to Cadbury world, to stay in a caravan, to meet Take That, to go to Keny and to get everyone in the world to donate bone marrow.

Cancer is a subject which is very close to my heart: My mother died of a rare form of breast cancer when I was 19, closely followed by my grandmother two years later of bowel cancer and my father was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. My mother died far too young and she still had many a thing she wished to do but she had had a life, she’d watched her children reach early adulthood but Alice is, at 15 still a baby. I remember being 15 and thinking how grown up I was but at 15 you haven’t really lived, life has yet to begin.

Alice’s Bucket List:


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