Review: Easy A

Emma Stone plays teenage girl, Olive who lies to her best friend by saying she has a date rather than having to go camping with her best friend’s hippie family.   The lie esculates into Olive saying she did the deed with the made up boy.  Marianne, a religious girl overhears and spreads the rumour all over the school.  Soon Olive is branded as a slut.  Really Olive spent the weekend dancing around her house and singing to Natasha Beddingfield’s Pocket Full of Sunshine.

Olive suddenly becomes the slut of the school, the easy girl.  One boy asks her to have sex with him to hide his true sexuality and when she reveals the truth to him he asks her to pretend to have sex with him.  Which she does.  She then becomes known as being really easy.  So, she decides to embrace her bad reputation and help out the freaks and geeks of the school by pretending to do it with them.  

This plan goes swimmingly well until Marianne’s boyfriend accuses Olive of giving him an STD, even though she didn’t even pretend to do it with him.  This sparks Marianne’s hatred towards Olive even further and Olive’s bad reputation causes her nothing but misery and the one boy who she is interested in now probably thinks she’s a dirty, dirty slut. 

I loved this movie.  It’s not one of those usual teen movies where the boy pines after girl, boy finally gets girl, boy stuffs it up and loses girl then finally gets girl back again and screen fades to black.  This movie had imagination, spark and flair.  It was funny and an exploration of how far a lie can go.   Although, it took me a while to realise it was meant to be set in high school.   That was the only downfall for me.  The acting was believable and funny, the fashion was beautiful and it was just well written.  Emma Stone was wonderful as Olive.


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