Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is one of my favourtie Royal Palaces.  There’s something romantic about it sitting there by the river in all of it’s splendid glory.  Originally built and owned by Cardinal Wolsey, Hampton Court was passed on to Henry VIII when Cardinal Wolsey fell from favour.

Work on Anne Boleyn’s apartments was still being done when Henry VIII had her arrested for treason, adultery and incest and had her executed.  Her intials are still intertwined with Henry VIII’s on the palace as are Henry’s and his first wives, Catherine of Argon.  Henry’s third wife, Jane Seymour gave birth to Henry’s much desired son, Edward VI but Jane died not long after giving birth.  While at mass in the beautiful chapel, Henry was informed of his sixth wife, Catherine Howard’s adultery and Catherine was dragged away kicking and screaming.  It is said that her ghost still haunts the palace.

While the Palace is full of fascinationing stories, I think it is that of King Henry VIII and all his turmulous dealings which attracts me back to the palace time and time again.

All photos were taken by Tania M Collins, are copyright of Tania M Collins and remain the property of Tania M Collins


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