Alex Goot and Tyler Ward

I love music.  I think it is a form of poetry.  I also love finding really good covers of my favourite songs and sometimes the covers are, in my opinion, better than the originals.  I particularily for some reason really like the more lesser known artist which is why youtube is great for me.    Here are two particularily good artist on youtube. 

Alex Goot:  This guy is really fantastic, I think I may have a somewhat of a crash on him.  Which is a little weird.  Anyway, he makes really excellent music, the way he sings it kind of makes you melt on the inside.  I like all of his covers but my favourite are Breakeven by The Script, Wonderwall, and Born This Way by Lady Gaga.  His covers of The Lazy Song, Grenade, ET and Hold it Against Me – I actually prefer to the originals. 

Tyler Ward:  This guy is also very swoonworthy.  He does great covers as well and he also has some really great originals.  I particularily like his cover of Taylor Swift’s Better than Revenge.  He also collaborates with some really great artist (including his mum).  He is quite diverse in his covers, he does a really great cover of Dirt Road Anthem, which I really like and I don’t really like the original.

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