My body shape rolemodels….

As a teenager, I had an unrealistic view or expectation of what I wanted my body to be.  I wanted to be stick thin which was just never going to happen.  I had curves, I had what would be called an hourglass figure, my hips are the same width as my shoulders and my waist is the smallest part.   My grandfather called it womanly.  But I never appreciated it, I looked up to these tiny little slips of celebrities and thought why couldn’t I be like that?  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more at peace with my body, I still don’t love it completely but it’s not completely hideous either.  And as this has happened I’ve been to look at celebrities who have similar body shapes to my who I can aspire to be like.  Much more realistic goals.  So here is my list of body role models – all who are beautiful in their own ways and not uber skinny but are healthy…..

Image from Kim Kardashian's official website:

Khloe and Kim Kardashian:  Both have naturally curvy figures, they are healthy and beautiful and don’t look like starving twigs. 

Norman Jean Roy Photoshoot for Allure 2010 - imagae from

Jessica Simpson:  The girl has copped a lot of flak in the past over her body – being too curvy then being too thin then too curvy again.  I love this photo of her, she’s curvy but toned and happy.
Kelly Osbourne:  Kelly has really turned her life around and when she was unhappy with her body she did something about it – the right way. 

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