Bad boys are always catching my eye: TV Bad Boys

I’ve always been a sucker for the bad boys.  It’s the mysterious quality, the broodiness, the ‘I don’t give a s#@t attitude’ and the confidence they just exude.  I think I need to make it clear that I like Bad boys not dangerous ones – the difference is that Bad boys are usually just dangerous to your heart not actually dangerous to your wellbeing.  But when it’s Bad boys of fiction then all bets are off.  So, here is my list of my favourite, swoon worthy bad boys of the small screen….

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Pacey Witter from Dawson’s Creek:  As a teenager, Dawson’s Creek was one of my favourite tv shows.  From the very first I prefered Pacey.  He wasn’t so sappy, he actually acted more like the teenage boys I knew than Dawson did.  And he was funny to boot.  He was a little bit naughty but not full on bad.  And he wanted Joey first (and got her).

 Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls:  Dean was cute and a great first boyfriend but Jess was sexy.  Jess was also more Rory’s equal and he challenged her to think outside her small town and encouraged her to think big.  When in season 6 Rory went off the rails a little bit, Jess came back and was the one who asked who what the hell she was doing and called her on her BS.







Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  While Angel was all ‘woe is me I’ve got a soul and I can’t have the girl,’ Spike knew he was bad and made no apologies for it.  Spike had something else:  while Angel lost every ounce of his humanity when he lost his soul, Spike remained the same with or without his soul.  He always had the capacity to love.  He was love’s bitch and was man enough to admit it. 

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