You’re kind of beautiful….

You’re kind of beautiful.  Those words were uttered to me the other day by my 11 year old charge (I’m a nanny).  He said it when I had dressed up and put some makeup on which I don’t do for the school run or just playing.  When he said it I thought ‘aww’ and that was quickly followed up by me asking “Ok, what do you want?”  Because hey, I thought he was buttering me up for something.  He wasn’t.  His response to tell me he just thought I looked really pretty.  And with that I was back to ‘awww’.  A boy of 11 told me I was beautiful and I automatically thought he was either joking or trying to manipulate me.  In the past the only time I’ve heard ‘you’re beautiful’ was from my parents or immediate family or friends.  I’ve heard variations of ‘you’d be so pretty if you’d just….’  which I’ve either shrugged off or let sink into me, thinking they must be true and letting them damage me just that little bit more.    Here I was faced with a sweet little boy saying something nice and I couldn’t even take it for what it was:  a compliment.  How messed up is that?  It just goes to show that what people say to you can really sink into your consciousness whether you think it has or not.


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