Dulce Candy: Fashion inspiration

I have always been something of a fashion inept.  During my teenage years I was always more interested in boys and writing than fashion.  When I finally discovered I was slightly interested at the age of 19, my mother passed away so I was left with no role model. 

I have always found fashion in the pages of magazines to be too expensive, too inaccessible and have never been sure how to translate it into my daily life as an au pair/writer.

Then I stumbled upon a Youtube beauty channel (I’m also somewhat of a klutz when it comes to makeup).  Finally, here was someone who made fashion and makeup make sense to – someone whose own fashion sense I could emulate and translate into my own daily life. 

Dulce Candy is a beauty/fashion blogger who is soon to be opening her own online fashion store.  She fought for her country and is now making a name for herself in fashion.  She’s a young girl who has worked her way to a successful place and kudos to her.  So, here is a few of my favourite outfits from her website.  All photos are from dulcecandy.com and remain property of Dulce Candy. 











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