Book review: Stolen by Jodie B Cooper

Stolen by Jodie B Cooper

Review copy given by the author in exchange for a review

Young Adult/paranormal novella

Star rating:  5/5 stars

Katrina and Eric are best friends and lifemates.  Katrina knows Eric is her lifemate but Eric – a little slow on the puberty side of things – is oblivious.  Katrina is trying to figure out how to make him not so oblivious when her high school rival, Clarisse decides to steal Katrina’s mate – very publically declaring that Eric is her mate not Katrina’s. 

Katrina imagines and dreams about killing Clarisse in hundreds of different ways – some I wish she had acted on.  Eric was cute if not annoyingly ignorant and at times I just wanted to scream at him to wake the hell up.    But it was entertaining to watch him struggle with what he thought was his duty to his mate (Clarisse) and his burning desire for Katrina.  Mostly told from Katrina’s point of view with a few passages in the third person, Stolen is fast paced and filled with teenage lust, hunger and passion.

I really enjoyed this novella, I sat down and read it all in one sitting, it was completely engaging and just envelopes you into Katrina and Eric’s world.  Jodie B Cooper has definitely notched up the cool factor of the modern vampire mythology.  Forget Twilight, the Stolen vampires are nothing short of dead sexy.  These vampires have cool powers:  telekinisis, they can port wherever they want, they have predestined mates, their hearts can race, they go through puberty and they can sunbath.    Definitely, a new favourite for me in terms of the Vampire mythology, everyone should give this one a read. 



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