Taking a leaf out of Carrie Bradshaw’s book: The Breakup rules…..

I am a writer…an as of yet unpublished writer but a writer none the less.  While other writers may have role models such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Harper Lee, Paullina Simons, my role model was Ms Carrie Bradshaw.  Yes, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.  She had the writerly lifestyle I wanted.  So, to really get back into my blog and my writing my newest feature is to take Carrie’s column questions and write my own columns from the question.  In no particular order.  What stemed this was I was watching old DVDs of Sex and the City and it was an episode after breaking up with Big.  Carrie found a picture of herself and Big and decided to create her own break up rule which was: ‘destroy all photos where he looks cute and you look happy’. 

So, from someone who has just recently been broken hearted herself, here are my break up rules:

1) Do not text, text, text and text him.  It reeks of desperation.

2) Don’t necessarily destroy all photographical evidence of your relationship but do take the photos down and put them in a box in the deepest recesses of your closet.  Just because it didn’t work doesn’t mean you won’t want to remember it later.

3) Hacking into his email account is never a good idea – also, it’s a bit stalkerish and could result in a restraining order.  Again with the desperation.

4) Facebook, while a magical, mystical creation, should never be a way to keep tabs on your ex.  Looking at all the photos of you and him, of him and his new love or staring at his relationship status for hours on end is just a form of torture which will slowly but surely drive you crazy.

5) Look after yourself.  Looking hot so he can see what he’s let go and is therefore missing is the best revenge.

6) Lastly, remember in the words of Miss Christina Aguilera: you are beautiful no matter what they say.  It’s his loss not yours.


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