I’m confused – what is with born again virgins…..

I’ve heard some buzz going around about born again virgins and I’m confused.  How exactly does one become a born again virgin?  How does that work? 

Once you’ve done it, you’ve done it.  You can’t undo your first fumbling sexual experience or all the good sexual experiences which follow.  And isn’t sex kind of like riding a bike?  Once you’ve learnt how to do it, is it possible to unlearn it?

Ten years ago when I was in high school, there was a craze of saving yourself for marriage.  It was aimed at teens and Jessica Simpson was the rolemodel (before she married Nick Lachey).  It all came with a nifty starter pack and a silver ring which was a promise ring.

Now, this is great, I’m all for it if that is what you believe in but it wasn’t merely restricted to virgins.  Even if you’d already done the deed you could still committ to the promise not to have sex again until marriage.  Essentially becoming a virgin…again.  Even at 17, I just plain didn’t get it.  My theory was if you want to save yourself for marriage just don’t have sex to start with – or is this thought just a bit niave?

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