A question of therapy…..

“First you go two times a week, then three times a week, and eventually you’re starting all sentences with “my therapist says…”
I realise this wasn’t actually one of Carrie’s column questions but it is a quote from the episode in season 2, just after she’s broken up with Big – again and is driving her friends crazy with the analysing of the relationship and basically poking at the corpse with a stick.  Carrie’s friends finally have enough and stage an intervention saying she has to see a therapist.  Carrie objects saying that she doesn’t need therapy because she has them – to which Samantha replies that they’re just as screwed up as she is so it’s like the blind leading the blind.  Carrie’s next objection is where the quote comes from – she ulitimately says that she doesn’t believe in therapy…..
I’m kind of with her on this one.  I have never been to a therapist for relationship issues but in my late teenage years, when my mother passed away I was forced into grief counselling.  It was supposed to help me through my grief.  Trouble was we talked about everything but my grief.  The therapist wanted to know about my relationships, my parents, if I had any deep, dark, twisty issues – which I didn’t, up until the time my mother died my life had been pretty idyllic.  When the therapist asked about my childhood, I walked out.  Harsh, I know but if she’d started with the issue at hand – death and cancer and then moved onto other topics I may have stuck it out. 

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