‘It’s a dress not a yes’: Glamour Magazine Article

When I was flicking through a recent Glamour Magazine, I came across an article about something called a ‘Slut walk’ – the concept of this walk was for women to don their tight fitting dresses and mini skirts and protest, saying ‘it’s a dress not a yes’.  It was apparently reclaiming the word ‘slut’ as a word of female empowerment.  Now, while I, as a female don’t really agree that the word slut is a word of empowerment, I do understand the sentiment.

The magazine article states, ‘A Toronto policeman triggered waves of slutwalks by saying women should stop dressing like ‘sluts’ to avoid rape.’  

When I read that statement I was flabbergasted.  Did this man honestly think the only reason rape occurs is because of tight or short, revealing clothing?  Seriously?  This just plain horrifies me.  This man – a police officer no less- is putting the blame of rape back onto women, almost saying that the rapist is lured into commiting this crime.

When I was at University, a detective came to talk to our lecture group and he told us that rape is about power, the need for power and that in some cases it’s not even about the victim.  So, for this man to imply that it’s somehow a woman’s fault is….well, it’s bullshit. 

I have always believed that the feminist movement was about the right for equality and about a woman’s right to choose.  The right to choose what job she does, what she wears and who she sleeps with and who she doesn’t sleep with.

I personally think the word ‘slut’ is a relative term:  what one person perceives as slutty is not necessarily the same as the next person.  I do know this though:  Just because a woman wears a short skirt doesn’t mean she’s silently saying to the men of the world:  “Hey, guys, here I am, come and get me, it’s a free for all.”


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