Today I did something which scares me….

I went to the pub and dined alone.  Completely 100 per cent alone.  Armed with just my mp3 player (I’m just not cool enough to have an ipod).

My fear of dining alone is stemed mainly from when I, myself, worked in a pub and we would giggle at the sad people who came in and ate alone.  To us, it meant they were lonely, sad, miserable, had no friends etc.

I am none of these things.  Going to the pub alone was an experiment of sorts – I walked in, ordered a drint and pretended I didn’t feel at all ill at ease.  Fake it until you make it.  I took my drink and a menu and retreated to the garden. 

As I sat, I looked around and realised I wasn’t the only one sitting alone.  I was however the only woman alone.  Once I pushed aside my insecurities and my fears that people were looking at me and laughing, I did in fact enjoy the time to myself as I did a little people watching and got just the tiniest bit tipsy.  I felt almost empowered….


2 thoughts on “Today I did something which scares me….

  1. I love sitting in a cafe or bar on my own armed with a book – that way you can overhear snippets of the most entertaining conversations and people watch over the top of the book! I always think how it seems so much more acceptable to sit on your own in mainland Europe and not in the UK.

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