Movie Monday: My favourite Vampires

My favourite Vampires
My favourite Movie/TV Vampires: 
Jasper Hale – Twilight:  While Edward was broody and essentially a victorian gentleman, Jasper was raging against his inner urges.  Jasper was bad before he hooked up with the Cullens, he was training armies of new born vampires and then killing them off.  Edward was good before the girl (Bella), Jasper was good because of the girl (Alice) and that, in my humble opinion, is 100% hotter.
Spike aka William the Bloody – Buffy:  Ah Spike.  Spike was one of my first major teenage crushes.  While other girls were swooning away over Angel, I was dreaming about Spike.  Angel – while c ute was at times annoying, and he also had that crazy, unhinged split peronality, killer thing going on.  The only thing keeping Angel in check was his pesky soul which he kept misplacing.  Silly boy.  Spike on the other hand, soul or no soul kept all aspects of his personality.  He was bad and love’s bitch and didn’t care who knew it.  While Angel was cursed with his soul, Spike went looking for his and fought for it and was smart enough to make sure he never ever lost it.  He was a thinker, that one.
Drusilla – Buffy – Poor, poor Drusilla.  She was Angel’s greatest obession, his greatest masterpiece and his biggest regret.  She was also Spike’s great love for over a century.  She was funny to watch, nuttier than a nut bar but not completely daft as she knew Spike was in love with Buffy before he did.

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