Love is louder…..or at least it should be:

When I was searching the web for post ideas, I stumbled upon a website which was a kind of forum discussing a speech recently given by a member of Brazil’s congress.  In the speech the speaker stated:  “I’d rather have a dead son than a gay son.”

First, I felt shocked, then I felt sick, then angry, then incredibly sad and back to angry.  There are no words to describe how I feel about this statement.  We live in a world where children are taking their own lives because they are bullied for their differences and a statement like this gives those bullies more fuel.  It’s a statement which comes from an adult who is in a position of power who is supposed to be a voice and protector for these lost children.  All a statement like this does is breed hate.

I then wondered if this person has any babies of their own.  If they do, I feel pity for those children. 

I was always led to believe a parent’s love is unconditional, that there was next to nothing a child could do which would result in the loss of a parent’s love or acceptance.  What kind of parent would rather their child be dead than alive and happy?

We, as a society are obsessed with the idea and the right for freedom of speech but what about the freedom of choice?  The right to choose how you live your life and who you live it with. 

I realise there are people out there who believe in religion and God and what the bible states and I believe everyone is entitled to their beliefs but I wonder what kind of God would discriminate against one of his creations. 

There is a passage in the bible which states:  “Love is always patient and kind.”

Love knows no bounds.  It sees no gender, race or sexuality.  It just is.  You don’t choose who you fall in love with.  Nor should you be judged for it.  You certainly shouldn’t be condemned to death for it.

This is a link to one of the many web articles I’ve read about this speech.

Please check out the wonderful cause Love is Louder and add your voice.

The photo in this post is that of actress Sophia Bush and remains the property of Sophia Bush.  Also, please check out her website and the wonderful work she does:


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