My favourite tv shows from my teen years

My favourite tv shows from my teen years
When I was a teenager and not doing homework or reading or with my then boyfriend, I watched a fair amount of television.  Here are the ones which were my must watches:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer:   I started watching this quite late into it’s run (I was only eleven when it first started and it was deemed too violent for me to watch), I started in the 4th or 5th season but became hooked.  I love, love, loved Spike and I thought Buffy was a great role model in that she could absolutely kick butt.
Roswell:Ah, Roswell.  I wasn’t a particular fan of Liz/Max, I was always secretly hoping Liz and Michael would get together, actually Michael was the main reason I watched it.
Charmed: Again, for me this one was all about the girl power.  I’m probably one of the few who actually prefered it after Prue was killed off, don’t know why, she just bugged me.
Dawson’s Creek:  I didn’t understand half of what these kids said and couldn’t stand Dawson but I couldn’t get enough of Pacey and I related to Joey in that I was somewhat awkward and had been a tomboy as a child.
Gilmore Girls:  This is a show I never really grew out of, I kind of grew up with Rory and completely related to her in that I was very into school, had big dreams and read a lot.  In fact my reading could rival hers.  And I loved the mother/daughter relationship.
One Tree Hill:  I still watch this show, it’s my guilty pleasure.  I’ve grown up with the characters, although Peyton annoyed me to no end.  Love Haley and Nathan.  Love Brooke.  Just love it all in general.

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