Mix Tape

Mix Tape

 I love technology, I really and truly do.  I love my laptop, email, facebook, twitter.  I listen to my mp3 player all of the time and I just can’t live without my mobile phone.  But there is something I miss from days gone by and this is:  The good old Mix Tape.

You know, when you were a kid and you’d make a mix for a friend or for a boy (or girl).  Now, I know you can still make a mix CD or a playlist for someone but it’s just not the same.  With a mix tape, you had to time it just right to push the play and record buttons, especially when recording off the radio (it was much easier to record off a record) because otherwise you’d get either the annoucer’s annoying voice or you’d miss part of the song.  There was an artistry to it.  There was just something deeply beautiful and romantic about being on the receiving end of a tape which was made specifically for you, knowing every song was picked with you in mind and someone had spent maybe hours listening to the radio just waiting for the right songs to come on. 


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