Favourite Disney Heroes

Favourite Disney Heroes
Ah Disney, what would I have done without you?  I loved Disney movies (truth is, I still do).  They’re a little reminder of the innocence of childhood.  This post is dedicated to some of my favourite Disney heroes.
Tramp: from Lady and the Tramp:  Lady and the Tramp was a puppy dog version of a classic: Bad boy meets good girl, falls helplessly in love with girl and reforms his bad boy ways.  Even at 5 years old I thought the whole meatball restaurant scene was incredibly romantic and swoonworthy.
The Beast: from Beauty and the Beast:  this boy had it hard.  He was just a kid when he opened the door to find some old hag offering a rose in return for shelter, couldn’t she have come up with something better?  He turns her away and she turns him into a beast, a spell which will become permenant when he turns 21 unless he can find a maiden to fall in love with him.  Well, I thought he was cute as the Beast and sweet plus how much fun would it have been to have singing candlesticks and talking teacups?
Aladdin:Ah, Aladdin.  Now he was hot.  My first stirrings of a crush were provoked by Aladdin.  This guy was persistant.  He saw a girl, wanted the girl, found out the girl was well and truly out of his league but found a way to turn himself into someone who would have a shot with her.  All right maybe it was all one big fat lie but got to respect the boy for his stickibility.
Simba:from the Lion King:  Not much of a hero at the start, his dad gets killed and he runs away and hides in the jungle, handing his kingdom over to his evil uncle who pretty much destroys it.  And Simba would’ve continued to hide in the jungle if Nala hadn’t of found him and kicked some sense (and love) into him.  But the point is Simba did eventually pull his head out of his behind and go and save the day.
Peter Pan:  Come on, who didn’t love Peter Pan.  He was going to stay a kid forever, got to play with fairies and kick Captain Hooks butt any day of the week.

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