My favourite 1950s hollywood sirens

My favourite 1950s hollywood sirens

I have an old soul and sometimes at least in terms of fashion, I believe I was born in the wrong era.  I have an hourglass figure and some of  the fashions just look plain wrong on me but the 40s and 50s styles work perfectly.  I have always loved the glamour of old hollywood and have had a particular fascination with that era.  So, here is a round up of my favourite 50s hollywood sirens:

Audrey Hepburn:  Ms Hepburn is the epitome of a lady.  She was beautiful and really quite funny.  I loved her in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and adored her in My Fair Lady, which is actually my favourite of all her movies.  She had an elegance that can’t be taught and wasn’t showy.

Elizabeth Taylor:  This lady was amazing.  She had a jewellery collection which was the envy of every woman on the planet.  She was counted as one of Michael Jackson’s best friends and she did so much for charity.  But my favourite part about her is that she never gave up on love (as was evidenced by her many marriages), she also didn’t fall prey to the hollywood curse of dying young.

Grace Kelly:  Before Kate Middleton, there was Grace Kelly.  Hitchcock’s leading lady gave up hollywood and stardom when she meet and married into Monaco’s royal family.  Every girl wanted to be her.  It was definitely a Cinderella story.

Marilyn Monroe:  This is the one which fascinates me the most.  I remember being about 13 or 14 and my dad was watching a documentary about Ms Monroe and I remember him saying that she was a victim of Hollywood, that what she wanted the most was what would ultimately destroy her.  She was beautiful and she could act but they turned her into what they wanted her to be: a sexy, dumb blonde and I wonder what lay beneath. 


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