TV shows I can watch over and over

TV shows I can watch over and over

There are a few television shows which I can watch over and over again and never really get bored of or still find them entertaining no matter how many times I watch them:

Gilmore Girls: Everytime I watch this hilarious programe, I always pick up on something I didn’t before: a little joke, a music reference or one of Rory’s book references.  It’s the show which just keeps giving.

House:It’s House.  The medical mysteries mixed with Houses wit and sarcasm keep me guessing even when I’ve already seen the episode.

Grey’s Anatomy:I’m fickle in my love, I keep alternating between loving McDreamy, McSteamy and Alex.  Dr Bailey is hilarious.  I love Meredith and Christina’s friendship and the way they depend on each other.  Every time I see the Izzy with cancer episodes or the George dying or Christina operating on Derek, I weep.  That’s how powerful this show is.

Friends:  I grew up with this show.  When my own family feel apart for various reasons, I wished for a group of friends like this to become my family.  They just love each other hugely and it shows.


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