Winchester, Jane Austen and King Arthur’s round table….

So, I recently did a little day trip to Winchester – which by the way was once upon a time the captial city of England (a very, very long time ago).  It is a beautiful Cathedral city in the county of Hampshire and also the city in which Jane Austen is buried – my little literary heart squeals with joy.  It is also home to Arthur’s round table – yes, the King Arthur’s round table, you may have heard of him, he’s the guy who pulled the sword out of the big stone and became King.  Many a story and fable has been written about him.  Anywho, I did indeed see the round table and while, I myself am skeptical as to whether a) King Arthur really did exist and b) if this really is his round table – it is a very, very, very old round table and it’s still amazing to see.  Also, seeing Jane Austen’s grave was very exciting even though it is nothing spectacular.  Now onto the photos of the round table and Jane Austen’s grave (which is in Winchester Cathedral – also worth a look):

The following images were taken by me please give credit where credit is due when using.




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