Angel by LA Weatherly: Book Review

Angel (Angel, #1)Angel by L.A. Weatherly

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Willow knows she’s not like the other girls at her highschool. She’s not into makeup, she prefers vintage clothing and she loves tinkering with cars. And she has physic abilities. With one touch she can see a person’s hopes, dreams, ambitions and regrets.

Alex is the dark, mysterious boy who breaks into Willow’s house, watches her sleep and follows her. To Alex, Willow’s abilities are dangerous and she is an anomoly. To Alex she is the enemy.

While Willow is living her slightly skewed teenage life Alex is out hunting Angels. Angels aren’t what everyone thinks: they’re not the beautiful, protective beings hailing from heaven. Instead they are beings which take over human bodies and then feed off humans. Alex has spent his life honing his skills and hunting Angels in a solidary existance. The CIA contact him when there’s a situation which needs to be taken care of. When Alex gets the call to assinate Willow he figures it’s just another job until he forces his way into her home. The sleeping girl isn’t what he expected – there’s no halo floating above her and her essence is a mix of human blood and Angel. Which just isn’t possible. There’s no way she can exist – humans and angels can’t procreate. She shouldn’t exist. There she is: vulnerable, sleeping, it would be so easy, quick and painless. It’s his sworn duty. But something just doesn’t sit right.

When the Angels find out Willow could be the one to destroy them and set out to kill her Alex is faced with a delima, does he do his duty and kill the girl or does he do what every cell in his body is screaming to do: protect her? Alex kidnaps Willow taking her across the country, telling her it’s for her own good when really he can’t decide whether he should kill her or kiss her. Now the hunter and the hunted must work together to defeat the Angels and Alex figures he can kill two birds with one stone: keep an eye on Willow until he can figure out what to do with her and at the same time use her to destroy the angels.

L.A. Weatherly’s Angel proposes an intriguing concept: we all have a preconceived notion that Angels are etheral beings. We just naturally think they’re good. But what if they’re not? What if they’re the bad guys? We’ve had vampires, werewolves and fallen angels as villians but not just run of the mill pure angels as the villians of a story.

Willow and Alex’s relationship is slow burning. He’s attracted to her and feels strangely protective of her but feels he shouldn’t be. At the same time he feels disgusted by what she is. Willow can’t understand why he hates her as much as he does, he doesn’t even know her and now he’s the only person she can depend on to keep her safe and to keep her alive. The development of their relationship is portayed realistically, they don’t have an arguement and just jump into each other’s arms, the tension between them is built up slowly and they progressively come to an understanding about each other and develop a mutual respect for the other person.

While the writing is well paced the narrative is at times confusing as it jumps from being in the first person from Willow’s point of view to being in the third person.

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