Fashion: Queen Elizabeth 2

I know it’s not Friday but in honor of Queen Elizabeth 2’s Jubilee – 60 years on the throne – I thought I’d do a post about the Queen.  I am not English but as I am from New Zealand I am part of the Commonwealth and hence she is also my Queen.  Because the weather hasn’t been so great I have been watching the tv coverage of the jubliee and the lead up documentaries about the Queen and she is rather an incredible lady.   She was never actually meant to be Queen but when her uncle abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, Princess Elizabeth became heir to the throne.  She was just 25 years old when her father, the King died and she became the Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth.  The relationship between the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh seems quite lovely as well.

Personally, I think the Queen is a fascinating lady and a real role model:  she has never in her entire reign given an interview – she has managed to do the job but still maintain her privacy and keep an aura of mystery around her.  She introduced the concept of the royal walkabout.  But most of all she is poised and dignified.  Classy.  She looks like a lovely lady and she has an incredible sense of style.





















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