Follow Friday: Candace Bushnell

I love the #followfriday trend on twitter but twitter is still something I’m trying to navigate – I spend long periods of time trying to think up something witty to say and then I wonder who really cares?  With the followfriday I always want to explain why I follow these people, what I like about them, what is interesting about them or their blog and that’s going to take longer than the number of characters that twitter nominates.  So, for that reason (and because I like to ramble and refuse to give that up) I’m bringing it to my blog so I can wax lyrical about the people I follow in as many characters as I like.  Hey, it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to.



Candace Bushnell:

I’m sure I don’t need to justify why I follow Candace Bushnell – but I will anyway.  Candace Bushnell is the original Carrie Bradshaw.  Before Sarah Jessica Parker was traipsing around NYC in a pair of Manolos, there was Candace writing about her exploits.  I love, love, love Carrie Bradshaw.  She is one of my role models, which means Candace Bushnell is my role model.  Her writing is witty, intelligent, racy and on point.

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