December’s Beauty Favourites…









Christmas is just around the corner and December’s almost over, as is the year.  This also means it’s time to reveal my favourite beauty products of December…..


Bobbi Brown’s corrector – as you can see I use this a lot.  It’s great for those purple rings under the eyes and for faking the illusion that I’ve had more sleep than I actually have.


DSC01721I’m really disappointed that I’ve nearly run out of the toner I purchased at Boots as it’s natural and gentle on my skin and it’s not sold here in NZ.


Benefit’s makeup primers are great, especially the Porefessional because my skin tends to be very oily and if I don’t use a primer, by lunchtime most of my foundation has slipped away or I’m left looking patchy.  This primer smooths out my skin and fills in any large pores I have to create a smooth, bumpfree canvas for foundation.  Plus the packaging is really cute.DSC01723 DSC01724

Since I’ve been back in New Zealand I’ve been finding it difficult to find the right colour foundation as I’m really pale but I stumbled upon Cover Girl’s Clean foundation purely by chance and it’s perfect, it goes on flawlessly and looks really natural whereas before I was using a foundation which was ever so slightly too dark for me and my skin constantly looked muddy.  But now my skin looks like my skin just better.


DSC01725Because it’s coming into summer here and my skin is rather oily to begin with, I like to use a powder to set my foundation and to do touch ups throughout the day.  Rimmel’s Clear Complexion powder is light and doesn’t clog my pores or give the feeling that my face is caked with makeup.



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