Lush Haul



I’ve read a lot of blog posts and watched a lot of youtube videos in which people talk about and rave about Lush and their products but so far I have resisted going into the store myself.  You could say I’m somewhat of a Lush virgin.  But yesterday I decided to go into my local Lush store just for a little looksey, a little window shopping.  Let me just say first off that the store smells heavenly, although if a lot of strong scents don’t sit well with you then you probably wouldn’t agree with me.  As a Lush newbie, I wasn’t too sure where to start but the girls who work there were lovely and very helpful without being pushy, they even gave me two free soap samples even though I said I was merely looking.  In the end I did make a purchase which I am very happy with.

The first thing I got was Angels On Bare Skin which is a solid face cleanser.  I thought I would try this because I have problem skin in that it is sensitive, prone to breakouts, oily on my T zone and dry around my nose and cheeks and the myriad of over the counter products I have tried have not appeared to help improve my skin.  All Lush products are made from natural, organic ingredients and the Angels On Bare Skin is based on a recipe originating from the Medieval period.

Next up is the Eau Roma Water which is a facial toner which can be used as a spray directly on the face or applied using a cotton pad.

The final item I purchased was a lip balm which is something I always carry as my lips get quite dry – this lip balm is called Honey Trap which is a combination of honey and white chocolate and smells amazing and tastes just as amazing.

From my first encounter I am really impressed with Lush, with both their products and their service.

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