Review: Lush’s Honey Trap Lipbalm

Honey Trap


Recently, I toddled into my local Lush store for the very first time and purchased a few delicious smelling goodies.  One of those goodies was a Lush lip balm called Honey Trap which comes in a cute little silver tin.  Lip balm are quite possibly one item I buy on a very frequent basis.  I don’t have overly dry lips but I tend to lick my lips a lot if I don’t have a balm on hand and this really dries my lips out.   I usually apply lip balm as part of my nightly routine so that everything including my lips are well moisturised.

Honey Trap is a delicious smelling balm which is made up of white chocolate and honey.  For me it is super moisturising and lasts a good while before I re-apply and I tend to re-apply frequently but I haven’t even made a dent in the amount of product in the tin so this leads me to believe that the balm will last me for a while.

Ultimately, would I repurchase this particular lip balm?  Definitely, this to me seems to be one of the better lip balms on the market which actually does its job.  I highly recommend this balm.


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