Lush Haul



I’ve read a lot of blog posts and watched a lot of youtube videos in which people talk about and rave about Lush and their products but so far I have resisted going into the store myself.  You could say I’m somewhat of a Lush virgin.  But yesterday I decided to go into my local Lush store just for a little looksey, a little window shopping.  Let me just say first off that the store smells heavenly, although if a lot of strong scents don’t sit well with you then you probably wouldn’t agree with me.  As a Lush newbie, I wasn’t too sure where to start but the girls who work there were lovely and very helpful without being pushy, they even gave me two free soap samples even though I said I was merely looking.  In the end I did make a purchase which I am very happy with.

The first thing I got was Angels On Bare Skin which is a solid face cleanser.  I thought I would try this because I have problem skin in that it is sensitive, prone to breakouts, oily on my T zone and dry around my nose and cheeks and the myriad of over the counter products I have tried have not appeared to help improve my skin.  All Lush products are made from natural, organic ingredients and the Angels On Bare Skin is based on a recipe originating from the Medieval period.

Next up is the Eau Roma Water which is a facial toner which can be used as a spray directly on the face or applied using a cotton pad.

The final item I purchased was a lip balm which is something I always carry as my lips get quite dry – this lip balm is called Honey Trap which is a combination of honey and white chocolate and smells amazing and tastes just as amazing.

From my first encounter I am really impressed with Lush, with both their products and their service.

Travel Tuesday: Leeds Castle



I love to travel, it has to be one of my all time favourite things.  Discovering new places with rich history, learning about new cultures and walking around buildings which have withstood the ravages of time and imagining what life must have been like for those who lived in them, I personally can’t think of anything more exciting.  So, I’m introducing a new feature to my blog showcasing the places I have been both recently and in the past.



To kick off my first travel post is my visit to Leeds Castle – which in case you didn’t know is not actually in Leeds.  Leeds Castle, which looks like the quintessential fairytale castle is actually situated in Kent (in the United Kingdom) and sits amongst 500 acres comprised of parkland and formal gardens.  The castle, which was during the reign of William the Conqueror’s son, was a royal residence for 300 years before it became a private residence.    The castle was used by Henry VIII and his first wife Katherine of Aragon.    The castle’s rich history can be seen in it’s architecture which has influence from medieval times, to Tudor times to the early 1900s to the 1930s.

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Fashion Friday: Lea Michele







Today’s Fashion Friday is dedicated to the beautiful and talented Lea Michele.  She recently did a photoshoot/interview for Elle magazine in which she spoke about the late Cory Monteith.  I admire her not only for her talent and her fashion sense but the way she’s handled the loss of her love with such respect and dignity.  The Elle Photoshoot is beautiful and Lea looks amazing, please go to Elle to see the photos and read about the interview.

Fashion Friday: Naya Rivera



Naya Rivera is an incredible talent within the realm of Glee but she is also incredibly fashionable, I love the superman t-shirt she’s teamed with a leather skirt.

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Fashion Friday: The Carrie Diaries



I was a big fan of the original Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City and always loved her sense of fashion, so i was intrigued to see how they’d dress Baby Carrie – I think they got it right – what do you think?