Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation



I’ve heard/read many reviews about this foundation – many of which were really good.  There are many great qualities to this foundation but it’s not quite the right one for me.  I tried it and realised I just had to break up with it.

What’s right:

The foundation’s coverage is medium and more on the matt side than dewy which is good for me as I have combination skin – oily through the t-zone with dry patches on the cheeks.  I also like that a little really does go a long way.



What’s not so right:

The colour match:  As I am rather naturally pale, I chose the lightest shade avaliable – 120, this was still a couple of shades too dark for me and ended up looking rather muddy.  I also thought the foundation would benefit from a pump dispenser to control the amount of product used.

Have you tried Maybelline Fit me – what were your thoughts?

December’s Beauty Favourites…









Christmas is just around the corner and December’s almost over, as is the year.  This also means it’s time to reveal my favourite beauty products of December…..


Bobbi Brown’s corrector – as you can see I use this a lot.  It’s great for those purple rings under the eyes and for faking the illusion that I’ve had more sleep than I actually have.


DSC01721I’m really disappointed that I’ve nearly run out of the toner I purchased at Boots as it’s natural and gentle on my skin and it’s not sold here in NZ.


Benefit’s makeup primers are great, especially the Porefessional because my skin tends to be very oily and if I don’t use a primer, by lunchtime most of my foundation has slipped away or I’m left looking patchy.  This primer smooths out my skin and fills in any large pores I have to create a smooth, bumpfree canvas for foundation.  Plus the packaging is really cute.DSC01723 DSC01724

Since I’ve been back in New Zealand I’ve been finding it difficult to find the right colour foundation as I’m really pale but I stumbled upon Cover Girl’s Clean foundation purely by chance and it’s perfect, it goes on flawlessly and looks really natural whereas before I was using a foundation which was ever so slightly too dark for me and my skin constantly looked muddy.  But now my skin looks like my skin just better.


DSC01725Because it’s coming into summer here and my skin is rather oily to begin with, I like to use a powder to set my foundation and to do touch ups throughout the day.  Rimmel’s Clear Complexion powder is light and doesn’t clog my pores or give the feeling that my face is caked with makeup.


Beauty Products I’m Loving


So, I’ve decided to start doing beauty posts – specifically my favourite beauty products at the moment.  I know, I know, everyone and their dog does a monthly beauty round up but since I’ve just start writing a beauty round for the brand spanking new online women’s magazine Bright Shiny News (I also write the occasional piece for online magazine, Esvie).  But that’s enough humble bragging about me, let’s move on to the products I’ve been waxing lyrical about to anyone who would listen.

Urban Decay’s Naked Palette: 

There are absolutely no words to describe how much I love this palette – actually, that’s a lie, there are words:  if this palette were a flesh and blood man I would hunt him down, profess my love and offer to bear his children.  This palette is extremely versatile – you can do a natural looks, smokey looks, you name it you can do it.  My version of the palette came with an awesome double ended eyeliner, one side black and one side brown, which I have used to absolute death, it’s so creamy and pigmented.

17 Va va voom Mascara:

I have to admit, I bought this mascara for two reasons:  the awesome name and the low, low price.  I am all for spending money for quality products but I personally don’t believe mascara is necessarily one of those products, I’d rather spend more money on skin care than on mascara.

Soap and Glory – Sugar Crush Body Scrub:

This – to me – is heaven in beautiful packaging.  It smells deliciously good with brown sugar, lime, almond oil and macadamia grains.  I also love the company’s retro style advertising and packaging.

Boots Traditional Cold Cream:

My grandmother went to her grave at 90 years old with barely a wrinkle, her skin was as soft as a baby’s bottom and her nightly ritual was cold cream.  She used it for everything:  as a makeup remover, as a moisturiser, as a night cream – you name it and my Nana managed to find a way to incorporate cold cream into it.  I, as a teenager had scoffed when she had suggested I stop using so many products, gave my skin a rest and used cold cream as a moisturiser instead, she said it would calm down my poor irritated skin.  I have since seen the light and now use cold cream at night.  I cleanse, tone then apply a thick layer of cold cream to my face and neck, then go to bed and let it all sink in.

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Cocoa Butter:

I hate to have dry lips.  Ever.  This little pot of delicious smelling goo certainly does the trick.


You’re kind of beautiful….

You’re kind of beautiful.  Those words were uttered to me the other day by my 11 year old charge (I’m a nanny).  He said it when I had dressed up and put some makeup on which I don’t do for the school run or just playing.  When he said it I thought ‘aww’ and that was quickly followed up by me asking “Ok, what do you want?”  Because hey, I thought he was buttering me up for something.  He wasn’t.  His response to tell me he just thought I looked really pretty.  And with that I was back to ‘awww’.  A boy of 11 told me I was beautiful and I automatically thought he was either joking or trying to manipulate me.  In the past the only time I’ve heard ‘you’re beautiful’ was from my parents or immediate family or friends.  I’ve heard variations of ‘you’d be so pretty if you’d just….’  which I’ve either shrugged off or let sink into me, thinking they must be true and letting them damage me just that little bit more.    Here I was faced with a sweet little boy saying something nice and I couldn’t even take it for what it was:  a compliment.  How messed up is that?  It just goes to show that what people say to you can really sink into your consciousness whether you think it has or not.