Travel Tuesday: Rome


Rome has been one of my all time favourite places to visit and was the first non-english speaking country I visited alone.  I visited last Christmas for three days and stayed at a lovely hotel aptly named Hotel Romae.  The hotel is a short walk to Termini (the train station) and where I was able to catch the hop on- hop off bus which goes around the whole city and all of the tourist destinations.  For my first bus ride I stayed on for the trip to see the city, then I decided which places I wanted to get off at and explore.  Rome is a beautiful city where the remains of the ancient city stand beside the modern buildings.  One of these such structures is the Colosseum, which is a huge looming arena in the middle of the city.  I spent an entire day exploring the Colosseum and did an audio tour.  Construction of the Colosseum originally began in 72 AD but wasn’t completed until 80 AD.  The Colosseum was home to battles between Gladiators and wild animals for public viewing, the Gladiators were usually slaves or prisoners of war or criminals and all the fights were to the death.


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